See Maui From Above

Airplane And Helicopter Tours
If you’ve never been up on a helicopter on Maui, you’re in for one of the most awe-inspiring experiences ever! As you ascend from the ground, straight up in a helicopter, you’ll have earphones that communicate with all the passengers and be listening to music, often perfectly synced with the waterfalls, volcano craters, rainforests and secluded black sand beaches you’re about to see – some that can’t be seen any other way. For more info click here
Parasailing Tours
Parasailing is an absolute blast, and one of the most affordable activities on Maui (check the early-bird specials)! Tours are offered only on the west side of Maui, in Lahaina and Kaanapali. Tours are every day, starting Dec. 15th and ends May 15th, due to the annual migration of the Humpback whales. Photos are optional (the take them with professional digital cameras), but I would highly suggest getting them. Ask to be dipped! For more info click here
Zipline Tours
Ziplining is one of the most fun and exhilerating experiences in life – just imaging soaring over rainforests while looking at the magical Maui coastline, 20, 50, 100 feet or more above ground. Although it sounds scary, it’s one of the safest activities on Maui. To our knowledge there has NEVER been a serious accident of any kind while zipping though the air (except maybe a twisted ankle while walking). For more info click here