Maui Stables

Maui Stables, 177 Hana Highway, Hana, HI, Call: (808) 248-7799

The Alaka`i (guides) who accompany you on this horseback riding tour into the natural wonderland can trace their family roots back for hundreds of years. Here is the playground of the magical days of their youth. Days spent learning by doing, as they followed and imitated their Kupuna (elders) into these mountain valleys to gather food, medicines, and absorb the hidden meaning of this land of their ancestors. We are the direct descendents of the Hawaiians who were tied to this land before the coming of Western culture.

Let’s take a horseback ride into the past – listen to our stories about the history of our ancestors as they lived, worshiped, and died in battles defending this land bequeathed to us by the Gods. Here is the land of Ancient Hawaii. Here you will participate with the living, dynamic culture of Hawaiian yesterdays.

E Holo Lio Mai Kakou.

Come ride horse with us. Immerse yourself in a day in our life, and you will leave feeling a little bit more Hawaiian.

177 Hana Highway, Hana | Phone: (808) 248-7799 |