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Save $30 per couple – RESERVE IT!
Online Price: Adult $124 – Child $89 (5-12 yrs.)
Deluxe Dolphin Lanai Snorkel Adventure

This Golden Oldie has stood the test of time and trial of literally thousands of guests, many of whom continue to return year after year. Captain Steve has been conducting this adventure for seventeen years.

Waste no time in discovering the secrets of the reef, playing with Dolphins or Whales, Turtles or Rays, there is no telling what we might encounter on any given day. Sea caves, burial caves, towering sea cliffs, secluded coves, lava rock pinnacles make up the setting. Imagine a pod of 200 Spinner Dolphins putting on a show just for you or swimming next to a rare and endangered green sea turtle in the crystal waters of the Pacific above the most exquisite fringing reef in the entire State of Hawaii. Perhaps you will catch a glimpse of the most curious creature on the reef…an octopus! They are sure to be watching you!

A continental breakfast consisting of fresh local fruits, fresh baked muffins and pastries, juice and water are served during the morning check in process at Mala Warf. Our lunch, a delicious selection of deli meats and cheese, three types of bread, fresh lettuce (not iceberg) tomatoes, onions and sprouts along side homemade Albacore Tuna with capers, pasta salad, olives, pickles, pepronchinis, fresh sliced vegetables, papaya seed dressing, mayo and mustard. Sodas, iced tea and water, chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookies are always close at hand. We have even had guests come along just for the ride and lunch!

High quality masks, fins and snorkels are provided for guests not bringing their own personal gear. Floatation devices, life jackets and wet suits are also available upon request.

Captain’s Note: This is my favorite trip the extra time not only allows us to get to know you better, but also the time to complete our checklist of a perfect day on the ocean. The entire day becomes a whale watch from seeing them to listening to them when we snorkel (seasonal). Top of the list Dolphins, we see Dolphins 98% of the time on this trip, spotted, spinners, bottle nose, and psuedo orca’s. Green sea turtles are pretty much guaranteed. Cruising most of the island of Lanai gives us many choices to find that calm secluded cove for that day and to reach the sea cliffs and caves. Lunch is very relaxing lots of “family talk story”, about the day and a chance for everyone to feel part of our Ohana. Some think the ride home is the best part as the trade winds usually have kicked up a bit and makes for a thrilling ride. Captain Steve

Online Price: Adult $84 – Child $69 (5-12 yrs.)

Half Day Morning Lanai Snorkel Adventure

A no muss, no fuss version of the Deluxe Dolphin Lanai Snorkel, departing a few minutes later in the morning gives you the opportunity to have a proper breakfast at your hotel or condo in preparation of an adrenaline rich environment, intense with snorkeling, snorkeling and more snorkeling! The design of this program is to get the bugs out and get in the water fast and frequently. We’ll get a heads up over the radio from Capt. Steve himself with regard to water conditions at various locations so we don’t have to search for “clean water” which wastes time (no muss). This enables us to optimize our time and effort towards snorkeling. We’ll have you back before lunch so you can take the recommendations of the crew to enjoy a comfortable restaurant setting while your pictures develop… (No fuss). All this lends itself to maximizing your vacation time… You could combine your day with an additional event such as a Luau (see or Helicopter ride (see

Captain’s Note:
This trip is spoiled, a call on the phone to the first boat that’s already out and we know where the whales, Dolphins and calm clear water is. I always joke with the folks just arriving as we leave that we are on reconnaissance for them. These guys owe us half their tips for that. Captain Steve

RESERVE IT! – Adult $69 – Child $49 (5-12 yrs.)

Half Day Afternoon Turtle Snorkel Adventure

In a similar fashion to that of the A.M experience we are out for the short-term adventure allowing you to combine your day with an additional activity or simply to slow down a bit, catch up with your family or a good book. Generally speaking this outing will find you along the coast of Lanai or Maui… It’s amazing how many people feel as though they have to travel far and wide to find excellent snorkeling. Not true, Maui has phenomenal reefs and fishes. The only challenge is knowing where to go and when, and well, how to get there… what better way than a speedy watercraft with friendly, knowledgeable, professional crew members who will take care of all the aforementioned details. If you’re a night owl plenty of time to get ready for this one and still be back by happy hour.

Captain’s Note:
Many of the good snorkel area’s are not as frequented in the afternoon. The turtle reefs along Maui are excellent and travel time to and from is minimal. In winter the whales are accessible just of shore. This trip also has the benefit of the other two trips that have checked out the day’s conditions. Captain Steve


Humpback Whale Watching Tours (Seasonal) December 15th – April 30th

Imagine out of the corner of your eye you see a glowing turquoise color moving through the crystal clear deep blue waters of the Pacific. The silence is broken as the Captain sings out thar she is. He explains it’s the white pigmentation on the 18ft. pectoral fin of a mother humpback whale with the bright Maui sun reflecting off it. You look down as a 45ft. 45 ton Mother glides under your raft with her new born calf riding on her back. Your heart is racing and the silence is broken again this time by the vigilant crew. He yells breach at 2 o’clock, you look to see the 40ft 40 ton male escort whale in mid air. He spins in mid air and crashes to the surface with a thunderous roar. You look down at your watch, 20 minutes ago you were standing on the dock. The captain stands and takes a large gulp of his Starbucks and exclaims, looks like a large competitive pod out towards shipwreck on Lanai in Quadrant 33 headquarters he say’s. Hold on let’s go. Then one of Captain Steve’s veteran whale watchers says I don’t know this calf is breaching now and two more whales are approaching the pod to challenge the escort. You think they were the first one’s on the boat what could they know about whales. What happens if I become addicted to whales like these guys Is this just another day at the office for these people?

Likely the most recognized visitors to Hawaii each and every year would be the North Pacific Herd of the Humpback Whale. While not every animal in the population visits Maui County there are many days where you would want to debate that topic. It is widely accepted throughout the Cetacean research community that the Au’au Channel (Coastal Maui and Lanai) receives the second largest concentration of Humpbacks during the winter months… number 1 is off the coast of Molokai, which is also in Maui County and within range of Capt. Steve’s rafts on a calm day.

Captain Steve himself has worked with many researchers over the years and currently employs two representatives of different research organizations to allow you some of the most up to the minute research conclusions.

Captain’s Note:
I started this business to do whale watching. Not just any whale but the Humpback whale the most acrobatic of all great whales, with those giant pectoral fins and haunting song make them the celebrity whale to watch. Many places around the world whale populations are declining. Not here 7% annual population growth has increased our season and added to our great shows. We are fortunate to operate in The Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary. Captain Steve