Aloha Mixed Plate

Aloha Mixed Plate, 1285 Front Street, Lahaina, HI, (808) 661-3322

Aloha Mixed Plate – tasty dishes from the varied ethnic groups that call Hawai‘i home…

“In the early days of the sugar plantations, lunch was a simple affair. Plantation workers gathered in the fields for their mid-day meal. The Japanese laborers would bring teriyaki beef with rice and pickled vegetables. Seated next to them might be their Filipino neighbors with the traditional dish adobo or perhaps a pork or chicken stew. The Koreans had their kalbi or marinated ribs and the Chinese a rice noodle and vegetable dish called chow fun. Hawaiians were known for their kalua pig, roasted in an underground oven called an imu. It wasn’t long before they began to share their foods with one another and the “mixed plate” was born.

“Two scoops rice” and “one scoop macaroni salad” always accompany the traditional plate lunch.The rice is an important part of the meal because it provides the “backdrop” for the distinctive flavors of the main courses which, local style, tend toward the savory. Macaroni salad also presents a counterpoint to the main courses while providing a small portion of vegetables such as finely chopped carrots and small diced celery – just the way the Locals like it.